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Online Shopping Tips to Keep Your Personal Information Safe & Secure

Online shopping is the most convenient and efficient way to get the goods you want at the best price. You know that and (as a price comparison shopping network) we know that. Unfortunately, online hackers know that, too; especially during the busy holiday season when millions of people are shopping online to buy gifts...

6 Garden Decor Ideas & Tips

With a few creative and simple changes, anyone could have a beautiful garden of their own - here are 6 garden decor ideas for you to try....

7 Travel Tips for Packing the Perfect Suitcase

Whether you are traveling for work or heading out for a fun vacation, you need to pack! And packing can be pretty stressful. While most of us tend to over-pack, we have some packing and travel tips that will (efficiently) get you where you need to go in style...

5 Things You Should Be Doing If You Are Unemployed

Unemployment is right up there with Chinese water torture and digging out an embedded splinter in your palm; it’s painful!

Companion Planting Tips for Your Vegetable Garden

If you are ready to begin a vegetable garden, you are probably excited to jump right in and start getting your hands dirty. But planning a vegetable garden takes some time and research to ensure your efforts are rewarded with a healthy crop! A few things to consider are sun exposure, soil quality and...

10 Item Check List Dorm Room Essentials

Are you ready to jump into the next chapter of your life? Yes, we are talking about college! The time when you get the freedom you have be waiting for, right? Where you will continually learn about who you are and who you want to become. And one of the first things you will realize is, you will be learning and discovering while living in a really small space...

Get David Beckham's "True Blue" Style!

We want to find you some of the best looks for less! Here is men's style icon, David Beckham in a simple pair of dark denim straight leg jeans, a navy blue polo, blue slouchy beanie and white sneakers. We have similar styles at prices you can afford!...

6 Quick Organization Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Space

Why is it that getting organized is like pulling teeth, sometimes? Maybe your paper pile has really piled up and you dread going through everything, one-by-one; or your to-do list just keeps growing, thus increasing your dread and intimidation to even start an organization project in the first place. Keeping the home organized is crucial and needs to get done so we wanted to help...

Tailgating Gear for the 2014-2015 Football Season

You better start practicing your touchdown dance, because football season is upon us! And nothing says fun like tailgating in the football stadium parking lot with your friends and fellow fans. To get you prepared for the 2014-2015 football season, we have...

Decorating a Rental on a Dime

At one time or another, we have all lived in a rental. Whether it was your first little apartment by yourself, or your first home with your significant other, it is safe to say everyone has experienced renting a place to live. So we all know the woes of decorating a rental! Since you do not own the property, you are limited in what you can do to personalize your space. Well we want to give you some unique and affordable ideas...

Monster High Freaky Fusion Lagoonafire Doll

In a freaky twist of adventure, some of the favorite Monster High ghouls get accidentally fused together. Prepare to see the original tribe of beast ghoulfriends like you've never seen them before!..

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